Demystifying emerging trends in a data driven world

24 March 2021
9.00-9.30 CET

The world of IT is constantly reinventing itself: what are the trends in 2021 and how applicable are they in the current IT landscape where data needs to be able to move, reliable and accessible - everywhere. We give you an overview and practical tips on how to act today to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Join our webinar hosted by HPE experts to get:

  • A clear overview of the most important trends in the IT landscape
  • Practical tips and tricks to convert these trends into valuable action points
  • Examples of Edge Computing, Data Management, AI and the Hybrid Cloud successes

We look forward to welcoming you to this interesting webinar!


Peter Werdenhoff
Chief Technology Officer
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Sweden
Stefan de Schuyter
Chief Technologist
Hewlett Packard Enterprise België


Brian Andersen
Brian Andersen
Chief Technology Officer
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Denmark