HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics

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HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics provides a curated, managed set of popular open-source frameworks targeting workloads in data engineering, large scale data analytics, BI Reporting and exploratory data science, AI, and ML.

While developing with open-source is growing in popularity across enterprise development teams, managing open-source frameworks introduces several operational overheads such as for harmonizing versions, patches for security, compliance etc. HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics provides a fully managed, integrated and supported set of open-source frameworks freeing up the end user to focus on development while HPE manages the tools for you. Frameworks include Apache Spark, Apache Superset, Presto SQL, Apache Airflow, Kubeflow, MLflow, Feast and Great Expectations.

User can develop advanced analytics workloads in an extensible, fully collaborative workspace.

What’s In It For You

  • Ingest, transform and process data using automated data pipelines with Apache Airflow and Apache Spark.
  • Complete data science experience and machine learning workflows from model building, training, experiment tracking to serving models using Kubeflow and MLflow.
  • Securely connect, explore and access your data sources on-premises and cloud.
  • Run federated queries using Presto across data estate without ever moving or copying data. Visualize your data, build dashboards and reports using Apache Superset.
  • Enterprise grade security with single sign-on experience to all your analytical applications and data.