HPE Ezmeral Early Access

HPE Ezmeral provides software foundations to help end users develop and deploy data and analytic applications across hybrid cloud environments.

The HPE Ezmeral Early Access (EEA) program allows you to get access to soon to be released products – typically in private Beta or Select Availability – with exemplary training and support provided by HPE. To goal of the program is to solicit early user feedback, and foster design partnerships with the application development community. By signing up, participants get real-time, hands-on experience with next generation capabilities to solve advanced data and analytics problems in edge to core to cloud deployment models.

Currently there are two products featured for early access:

HPE GreenLake for Data Fabric – Access HPE GreenLake for Data Fabric as a fully managed service. Sign up to get 300GB for use as files, objects and streams with multi-user collaboration capabilities. Ideal for small to mid-sized application development and data science teams that want to build applications to deploy across the hybrid enterprise.

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HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics – A curated, managed set of popular open-source frameworks targeting workloads in data engineering, large scale data analytics, BI Reporting and exploratory data science/AI & ML. Simplifies the development of enterprise grade applications using open-source tools.

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HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics and HPE Greenlake for Data Fabric offerings can be interconnected to realize true hybrid – edge-to-core-to-cloud – solutions, in production, at scale.