Uncover the 5-Steps to Hybrid-Cloud Mastery with HPE and Morpheus Data

Thursday, September 17, 11 a.m. PDT | 1 p.m. CDT | 2 p.m EDT

Date: Thursday September 17 2020
Time: 11 a.m. PDT | 1 p.m. CDT | 2 p.m EDT
Duration: 60 minutes

Hybrid-cloud is an inevitability for most enterprises yet translates to more pain than value as complexity increases. You are likely trying to address cloud costs, security concerns, and service delivery demands all at the same time. It’s inefficient to tackle these as separate project silos and gets worse as you work across Bare Metal, VM, and Container based applications.

The only way to scale is to embrace full-stack cloud management designed to systematically address every stage of your cloud journey. This webinar will review lessons learned from hundreds of hybrid cloud deployments and share how HPE Composable Infrastructure with the Morpheus Data Cloud Management Platform can help automate and orchestrate your digital transformation projects in a unified way.

We’ll cover how to:

  • Enable self-service delivery
  • Optimize brownfield deployments
  • Establish governance and policy
  • Automate provisioning and workflow
  • Streamline day-2 operations

And because you deserve more show than tell, we’ll include a demonstration of this powerful software framework and integration into HPE Synergy, VMware, AWS, Azure, and more.


Kurt Lacy, Hybrid Chief Technologist, HPE
Brad Parks, VP of Business Development, Morpheus Data