On-demand webinar:
Take the frustration out of HPC software development with the HPE Cray Programming Environment

Duration: 25 minutes

Learn how to shorten your software development cycle and improve application performance using the HPE Cray Programming Environment – a complete toolchain for developing, porting, debugging, and application tuning.


Dr. Des Albert
Dr. Des Albert
Product Manager, HPC & AI Software


Dr. Barbara Chapman
Dr. Barbara Chapman
Software Architect, HPE
Faisal Hadi, PhD
Faisal Hadi, PhD
Manager, HPE Cray Scientific and Math Libraries

Program guide - if you just want to watch a specific segment of the webinar, you can use the following time stamps:

  • Introduction: 00:00
  • Language directives: 04:00 min
  • Compilers: 09:00 min
  • Libraries and modules: 11:00 min
  • Performance and optimization tools: 16:00 min
  • Debuggers: 19:00 min
  • Message Passing Interface (MPI) Libraries: 20:30 min
  • Conclusion & more resources: 23:00 min